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Farm Aid works year-round to build a system of agriculture that values family farmers and ranchers, good food, soil and water, and strong communities. By inspiring the good food movement and providing them a voice, our goal is to keep farmers on the land.

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Success Story

FARM AID and YOU Saved a Family Farm

Everyday at Farm Aid, our staff receives Hotline calls and e-mails from family farmers in need. When we receive these desperate pleas for help, we turn to the network of experienced farm advocates Farm Aid has supported since its founding in 1985.

Here's an example:

A few days before Christmas, "John's" son came home from college. John, who farms several hundred acres, had been withdrawn and depressed. He believed he was about to lose the farm and their house. He was hopeless.

The family explained the situation to the son. He found Farm Aid's web site, emailed us, and immediately received a reply, referring him to Benny, a farm advocate.

They called Benny on Christmas Eve and talked for hours. Benny told them not to worry, and laid out a plan. On December 26, John called Benny to thank him for saving his family's Christmas by giving them some hope.

On New Year's Eve, Benny drove down to meet the family. With Benny's assistance, they were able to save the house and the farm.

It's the ongoing donations from Farm Aid donors like you that enable us to continue our important work.