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Africa Disease and Poverty Eradication Project


Africans living in severe poverty & struggling refugees face Malaria, Tuberculosis, Ebola, COVID and HIV/AIDS. Help us eradicate these diseases provide basic needs like food, water, sanitation, medical treatment, shelter and education in SubSaharan Africa.

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"Diseases of poverty are diseases that are more prevalent among the poor than among wealthier people. In many cases poverty is the leading risk factor for such diseases, and in some cases these diseases can (allegedly) cause poverty. These diseases are in contrast to diseases of affluence which are diseases thought to be a result of increasing wealth in a society. (Disease of affluence and Disease of the wealthy are prevalent in advanced countries like USA, WESTERN EUROPE AND JAPAN ETC. were obesity, heart disease, cancer etc. are common because of availability abundant food, improved healthcare, education and luxury).

The three primary diseases of poverty are AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. Developing countries account for 95% of the global AIDS prevalence and 98% of active tuberculosis infections. Furthermore, 90% of malaria deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. Together, these three diseases account for 10% of global mortality. Three additional diseases, measles, pneumonia, and diarrheal diseases also closely associated with poverty, and are often included with AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in broader definitions and discussions of diseases of poverty. Finally, infant mortality and maternal mortality are far more prevalent among the poor. For example, 98% of the 11,600 daily maternal and neonatal deaths occur in developing countries.

Together, diseases of poverty kill approximately 14 million people annually. However, partial results released in October 2009 study on diarrheal diseases show they alone kill some 2.6 million people annually, much more than previously thought."

-- According to wikipedia,the free encyclopedia narrated