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Campaign to End Childhood Hunger


Fighting hunger in America. Millions of children, working families, older adults, people with disabilities, and veterans struggle to put food on the table. Higher prices are making it harder for families to afford the nutrition they need. You can help!

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Success Story

I am a mother. I am a worker. And I am on food stamps. I work 35 hours a week cooking food for other people while struggling to feed my own family. I have two children, ages 5 and 14, and I work the night shift so I am there to care for my children during the day. This hectic schedule leaves me hungry and always tired. SNAP benefits help me and my family out tremendously. They basically supply most of what the kids need. I only make minimum wage, so with the help of the benefits, I'm able to put food in the refrigerator. Before SNAP, there were times when I was struggling to make sure food was on the table. I would sacrifice eating just so that my children had food. Once we began receiving SNAP, I saw a change in my children's personality and attitude. They were able to focus on school instead of being hungry. I receive less than $6 per day. What other people might spend on their morning coffee, I budget to feed my child for an entire day, and often, I go without eating to make sure my children are fed. Even with SNAP, I struggle to make the money last for the entire month. I try to buy my children healthy food, but fruits and vegetables are expensive and hard to find in my community. While I work hard in hopes of surviving without food stamps or other public assistance, I raise my voice so others know the importance of SNAP. I have lived hunger and want to make sure my children do not have the same struggles. For that to happen, we need strong nutrition programs to ensure our children have a strong future. Joanna, Penns Grove, New Jersey