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Beyond Emancipation


Beyond Emancipation supports young people as they imagine and create their own life beyond foster care. Many kids growing up in foster care often don't have anyone to turn to. You can change a kid's future.

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Success Story

Beyond Emancipation helps young people aging out of foster care

When Jessica was a teenager, her life was upended. Her mother was killed leaving her and her sister jumping from one home to another while in foster care.

At 17, Jessica was living on her own and navigating her final year of high school.

Without traditional family support, Jessica turned to Beyond Emancipation to help with her move towards adulthood.

Jessica worked towards making a brighter future for herself and got into Stanford University. Beyond Emancipation helped pay for her textbooks, which gave her money for other expenses, like fueling her car. She also received life coaching and emotional support as she grew from a teenager to an adult.

“These were the kind of expenses and support that most students would get from their parents if they were living in a normal family situation,” Jessica said. “for me, B:E was able to offer that support. It was a huge help.”

Today, Jessica has a master's degree from Stanford University.