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Philippine Children's Fund of America


Investing on the potentials of individuals striving to help themselves to help provide for their families through small/ affordable loans. Helping them to contribute to the well being of the community by providing jobs for others, share in economic dev't.

Real Life

College Assurance Sponsorship Program

Many years ago we introduced a sponsorship program patterned with many groups providing assistance to many impoverished children sending them to school, providing them with school supplies, backpacks, uniform, shoes and other school needs including daily allowances. Through the help of many generous sponsors we were able to help graduate hundreds of needy children in the Philippines.

Today we are happy to inform you of a new program to make our beneficiaries give back and be part of a system that is designed towards being a responsible person!

Helping the youth we serve to have self reliance, discipline and responsibility is now our module for success. We believe it is not enough to be charitable simply by providing assistance but helping each one of our youth to grow as a responsible person with self dignity and accountability. Accomplishing this goal will mean success for them and for us as well.

While we no longer provide school fees, uniforms, bags and pocket money we are very proud to provide youth in need jobs on weekends and during the summer time. Helping them stay away from the streets where they will learn to smoke, drink and the influence of bad company. In addition to the work assigned to them regular coaching is provided to help in their academic needs. Each day our students are paid $5.00 a day or $40.00 a month of which $20.00 is from the sponsor.