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Habitat For Humanity Spokane


Habitat-Spokane wants a world where everyone has decent, affordable places to live. We empower through shelter, coming together to build homes, communities and hope.

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Success Story

Before Habitat for Humanity, Mike and Kelly Aquino lived in a very small one-bedroom apartment with their three children, Brittany, 9, Dylan, 3, and Jennifer, 2 months. While Mike worked full-time at a local restaurant, Kelly cares for the children. Mike's only day off was Sunday, so that was the day they did their laundry at a local Laundromat.

Their apartment included a living room and kitchen as one room, a bathroom and one bedroom with one closet for all of their clothes. In the kitchen, they had a mini-refrigerator and a stove with one working burner. The kitchen pipes broke, so they washed their dishes in the bathroom sink. Mold grew on four corners of the apartment in the winter from poor ventilation.

Habitat's 0% interest mortgage allowed this family to dramatically improve their living conditions and purchase their own home. To earn their sweat equity, Mike and Kelly worked on their home and other Habitat homes, in addition to volunteering at the Habitat office and The Habitat Store. They also represented Habitat at community display booths.

Mike and Kelly were overjoyed to receive the keys to their home in the summer of 2008. A decent, affordable home was all this young family needed. Now their Sundays are spent together as a family.