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Community Child Care Council Of Sonoma County


Help 4Cs provide affordable, safe, healthy and educational preschool and child care for at-risk children, as well as resources, referrals and nutritious meal reimbursements!

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Success Story

One of our food program case workers was called by a child care provider. The provider was concerned because an infant in her care was not thriving. The 4Cs case worker contacted the parents and discovered they were on a stringent diet to lose weight. They were feeding the six-month old the same foods they were eating, including skim milk. Through classes and materials provided by 4Cs, the parents learned how certain fats and nutrients are crucial for their child's brain development and growth. They learned appropriate nutritional procedures. Today the child is a happy -- and healthy -- adolescent.

Sofia and her three children were recent refugees from a country torn apart by war. Soon after arriving in the US, her husband divorced her. Sofia was frightened to be in a new country, struggling with a new language. Eventually she was accepted in a medical technician program at our local community college, and under the terms of a special grant, we were able to provide child care while she attended classes. She graduated with a straight-A average. Now, four years later, Sofia is a successful in her profession, and no longer needs financial assistance from 4Cs.