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Kids Co.


Kids Co. provides all-day licensed & quality childcare so working families can go to work during the time of COVID. From day 1 we've never turned a family or a child away due to inability to pay by providing tuition assistance.

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Success Story

The heart of Kids Co.'s child care program is we never turn a kid away due to their family's ability to pay tuition. Our families come from every walk of life but most (94%) are working families. This is so beautifully reflected in the story below.

"Azariha is a 7-year-old Kids Co. student. He comes from a loving family with a crazy schedule; mom is a full-time student and, until she finishes her studies and finds a job, she has no income; dad works full-time as a night shift taxi driver. He leaves the house at 7 p.m. and works through the night. When he gets off work he drives Azariha to before-school care at Kids Co. and then goes home to bed. By this time his wife is at school. It's tough to support an entire family on a taxi driver's income but they make it work, partially because of their Kids Co. scholarship. Having Azariha in Kids Co.'s care not only lets mom and dad get on with their day, but because of the award, does not put an added financial burden on the family. The savings from the scholarship helps bridge the gap to pay bills, buy food, and make sure mom can go to school, and in the near future secure a job so the family has a double income."