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Orphan Care Ministries of Hope's Promise


Christian ministry specializing in adoption, foster care, global orphan care, and pregnancy counseling. We place children with nurturing families and offer them the love of family, a sense of belonging, and hope for their future.

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Success Story

When a government official visited SoH #1 in 2007 as part of the home's registration process, he remarked, “This is not a home for an orphanage! This is a home for a family.”

“It's unbelievable because when they came, they were sick, they had no clothing. Like David. He was out in the cold. He had nothing to wear. And when you look at him now and see how much he has grown, you see the love of God in him. It's amazing!” Diana Karau, Sanctuary of Hope Administrator

As a four year old, David often spent nights alone, locked in a tiny shack buried deep in East Africa's second largest slum. Six hundred thousand inhabitants eke out survival in the six square miles of Mathare Valley, Nairobi, Kenya. When his mother stumbled home after a night of drinking, David scrounged food from neighbors or even heaps of garbage. But everything changed for David when Hope's Promise Kenya welcomed him home to SoH #1 along with ten other single or double orphans.

“Every time I wake up in the morning and listen to the children singing outside before they go to school, I realize the love of God is actually spreading all around. It's not just a building, with walls and stones. It's a home.” Diana Karau

In Kenya, Vietnam, Nepal,and Zimbabwe, Hope's Promise rescues orphans like David and offers them hope and a future through small loving family homes of ten or fewer children with indigenous house-parents.