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Waterloo Counseling Center Inc


Waterloo Counseling Center is your resource for affordable, LGBT-affirming individual, couples, group and family therapy on a sliding scale by income or through insurance.

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Success Story

Nine months after testing HIV+, 24-year old Luis was lost in a deep depression. He was lonely and yearned for support, but afraid to tell anyone he was HIV+. Luis was so distraught that he refused to see a doctor. After nearly a year of sleepless nights and isolation, he called Waterloo Counseling Center.

At first, Luis was unwilling to open up. He was late for appointments and reluctant to talk about being HIV+. Then slowly, Luis became comfortable enough with his therapist to admit that he felt that seeking medical treatment would mean he was dying. Together, Luis and his therapist helped him focus on "living with HIV" instead of "dying of HIV." With this new outlook, Luis found a doctor and was surprised to find that he felt optimistic about taking care of himself. Luis is now enrolled in college and is making plans for his future.