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BCFS Health and Human Services


Abused, neglected and abandoned children. Expectant mothers with no healthcare. Troubled teens and families. Christian group homes, foster home care and counsel for children and families here and worldwide. Adoptive services and care for pre-born children.

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Success Story

If life was bad for Ian and his six-month-old baby sister it was even worse. With their physically abusive father and mother in jail the children went to live with their Grandmother. But Grandmother was also a drug user and often left Ian to fend for himself and his tiny baby sister.

A foster family was found for the baby, but Ian was sent to live with an aunt. Sadly at the first court hearing his aunt told the judge, "I don't want him," leaving Ian confused, scared, and alone.

Today, Ian runs around the playroom hugging a stuffed puppy given to him at the Baptist Children's Home Ministry's Emergency Shelter. Ian now has a smile on his face and a new sparkle in his eyes. He has finally come to a place where he is safe and cared for. Ian is beginning to heal.

Watching this little boy, it is hard to imagine anyone not wanting him. But the sad reality is that he is just one of the many unwanted children who need care. Your gift to Baptist Children's Home Ministry can give neglected and abused children, who deserve ... more than anyone else... a new beginning.