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CHADD, Inc. (Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)


CHADD empowers people with ADHD, and their families, by providing reliable information, community, and by advocating for their needs on local and federal levels. As the leading voice for ADHD, we provide resources so they can lead successful lives

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Success Story

A Mother's Struggle to Find Normalcy

I had grown weary of socializing with moms who felt compelled to tell me their children were in the highest reading group, made the honor roll for umpteenth consecutive time, or were chosen for a competitive academic award. I needed to be around those who understood the chaos and uncertainty ADHD brings to a family, like the people I met through CHADD.

Family Finally Finds Answers

We were asked to remove my son from two public schools and one private school because no one wanted to take the time to understand what was happening in my child's life, but I would not give up, I knew I had to fight for my son's education and his future. I felt alone, completely lost, and that things were out of my control. I didn't know my son's rights at school, or what treatment options were available. I discovered CHADD and they gave me hope and encouragement and provided me with the information I needed about ADHD and my son's rights at school.

Feelings of Acceptance

My husband and I are in the Mental Health Field so it was no surprise, based on our knowledge, that our child would eventually be diagnosed with ADHD. We are more than determined to learn all we can and be an advocate and voice for her and all the wonderful people who have ADHD. Sometimes, it can feel very lonely when neighbors, teachers, strangers, friends, and sometimes family do not understand or want to understand no matter how many times we have explained ADHD. We are thrilled to be a part of the CHADD family.