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Mary House


Providing safe havens for families to move forward, including transitional housing, shelter, food, clothing and support to immigrant, refugee and homeless families and children. Assistance with medical care, education,legal representation and employment.

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Success Story

Reina & Jose came to Mary House two years ago with their two-year-old daughter in need of shelter. Natives of El Salvador, both came to the United States for different reasons. Reina came with her mother and siblings as a young girl. Jose came in his twenties to find employment and send money back to his family. They met and married, and found themselves unable to locate affordable housing.

Before Mary House their "home" consisted of mats on rented floor space in a friend's apartment. After finding shelter with us, Reina & Jose moved into our transitional housing. They immediately set out to build their financial independence, both working two jobs, while Mary House helped them secure childcare for their daughter. The couple always found the time to attend house meetings, and took full advantage of workshops for home ownership. They independently sought out financing and secured money to purchase a home. In just two years at Mary House, they announced that they were leaving to move into their own home. While most families move from Mary House into affordable rental space, we are blessed to provide a nurturing environment that encourages families to believe in the possibility of self-ownership.