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Bradley Angle


We provide a broad continuum of services for survivors of domestic violence and their children providing support for safety, education, empowerment, healing, and hope.

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Success Story

For years I dealt with the abuse. I honestly thought it was a shortcoming on my part. Something I wasn’t doing right in our relationship. Something I could control and fix.

Once Malcom came along that all changed though.

My beautiful son.

My only source of love and light during those dark periods.

By then I had lost contact with all of my family and all of my friends. It was just Malcolm and me. And it became obvious that if I didn’t do something, one—or both of us—would suffer a fate we didn’t deserve. There just HAD to be another way. A better way.

After months of living in my car, paralyzed by fear and grief, I finally worked up the courage to look for help. That’s when I found Bradley Angle’s Healing Roots Program—my strength, support, and lifeline.

Bradley Angle was there for me when I felt I had nothing to live for and nothing to give. Not to Malcom and not to myself. They helped me rebuild my life and rediscover the person I once was, although I’ll never be that happy and carefree soul I used to be.

Today Malcom and I are healthy, happy and safe—and together we’re continuing to figure out the life we want for ourselves.

Words could never express how much Bradley Angle has done for us, or the hundreds of other people they lift out of darkness every single day. Thank you Bradley Angle. For giving us the second chance I now believe we deserve.