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Kids In Danger


Toys, nursery items or household items can put your child in danger!  We protect children by fighting for product safety. Educating caregivers to spread safety awareness and recall information, we are a watchdog on regulatory agencies and manufacturers.

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Success Story

It was his parents' worst nightmare. In May 1998 Danny Keysar was found dead in his licensed childcare home in Chicago. The top rails of a Playskool Travel-Lite portable crib had collapsed, strangling him. Shockingly, the crib had been recalled five years earlier; yet his parents, caregiver, and the state inspector who visited the site days earlier were not aware of the recall. Danny was the crib's fifth victim. A total of 19 children have died in portable cribs of similar faulty design. As Danny's legacy and with the hope of preventing future injuries and deaths, his parents founded Kids In Danger.

KID is an organization dedicated to protecting children by improving children's product safety. Our mission is to promote the development of safer children's products, advocate for children, and educate the public, especially parents and caregivers, about dangerous children's products.

KID has made enormous progress in protecting children. We have spread the word about children's product safety through print, social media and in workshops and outreach to parents. KID goes into the community to reach parents and caregivers through health care providers, local events, and our innovative workshop. One childcare provider who attended said that the workshop was very heart wrenching and motivated an all-out product check in her daycare. Our programs even reach to engineering students - teaching them the importance of safe design and testing. Through our work we have strengthened child product safety oversight and given parents the tools they need to keep their children safe.