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Holt International Children's Services Inc


Holt seeks a world where every child has a safe and secure home. We work in 16 countries to help strengthen families and prevent abandonment, provide care and support for vulnerable and orphaned children, and offer adoption services. 

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Success Story

Until last year, 5-year-old Luang lived a relatively comfortable life with her family in rural Vietnam. Her mother tended a small rice field and her father worked as a bricklayer - bringing in just enough money to meet the family's immediate needs.

Then suddenly, Luang's father was killed in an accident at work. Very soon, there was little to eat and not enough money to pay the small tuition to send Luang and her sister to school.

After learning of their situation, Holt-Vietnam helped to develop a business plan for the family and provided start-up funding to buy 50 chicks and four months of feed - the basis for a small chicken-raising operation. When the chicks mature, Luang's mother can sell their eggs and re-invest the money earned into the business. Once at risk of separation, Luang and her sister are now thriving in their mother's care and happy to be back in school.

In Asia, Southeast Asia, India and Haiti, Luang's story is a tragically common one that places children at great risk of separating from their families. Holt helps families stay together by providing immediate assistance with basic human needs.

Your gift of $1,000 can help as many as five families like Luang's to survive in the coming year. Each family's needs are different. And in every country where we work, Holt employs local social workers to provide one-on-one guidance and support - ensuring each family receives the services and help they need. (Holt CFC #12220)