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Women feeling scared, isolated, alone and vulnerable due to an unexpected pregnancy. Help us empower them and their babies for life.

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Success Story

Mary left the abortion clinic because she missed her appointment; she had rescheduled it. On her way out of the clinic that day, someone told her about our center. Mary walked into our center with the father of her baby. She wanted counseling and an ultrasound, and  wanted to see how far along she was in her pregnancy.  She described how she was raised by a very strict, conservative family and that she never thought she would consider abortion and knew in her heart that it was wrong, but she felt like she could not have a baby now though either. She had just started a new job and planned to attend school for social work in the near future.

At the time, Mary lived  with her parents; she talked about her strict mother, and about the strength of her parents and how she is strong like them.  Mary felt a baby would interfere with achieving her goals. Our counselor affirmed her strengths and explored with her what it might be like to continue with her career goals AND have a baby. Mary mentioned repeatedly that she was very torn about the situation. They discussed at length how having an abortion might affect her emotionally, and what abortion could mean for her relationship with the baby's father.

The client was visibly upset and distraught and received calm and loving support from her counselor. She had an ultrasound and was invited to come back again and talk. Our counselor kept in touch with her and was happy to learn she canceled her abortion appointment and chose life for her baby! Mary gave birth to a beautiful 7 lb son. She has taken our parenting support classes, received a layette, and knows our door is always open. We were honored to be the support she needed.