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Hope For The Warriors®


Support programs for service members, veterans and military families. Serving the post-9/11 warrior community with integrated transition support, financial assistance, health & wellness programs, adaptive equipment, scholarships and community engagement.

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Success Story

They got my arm; they get nothing else.

Before enlisting in the Marine Corps, this young Corporal was a nationally sponsored BMX Rider. On August 1, 2010, a 40-pound I.E.D. almost took his life. His left arm was amputated and he lost hearing in his left side requiring a cochlear implant. Fortunately, he did not lose his sense of humor, his competitive spirit, and the hope to ride again.

Three months after that fateful day in Afghanistan, this warrior attended a race held by a nonprofit organization. He was honored for his service and sacrifice, and cheered on as he crossed the finish line of the 10K run. Thrilled to race again, he joined the nonprofit's Team of adaptive athletes and went on to complete several half marathons.

In the spring, the nonprofit organization facilitated the donation of a 3-wheel recumbent bike to get him back on wheels as he continued his rehabilitation. Always grateful for the support received, he was still determined to ride on just two wheels again.

The nonprofit turned to their adaptive specialist. A bicycle was created for the warrior with all controls moved to the right side and an extra handle bar added. Through the Team running and biking, and his personal determination, this warrior's hope has become a reality. Now he competes in triathlons, utilizing the strength and balance regained throughout his rehabilitation and the equipment provided by this nonprofit organization. He has proven that although he has lost his arm, he has lost nothing else in his life.