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Survivors of Homicide, Inc.


A non-profit organization that provides support and advocacy to family and friends of homicide victims.

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Success Story

"This is a wonderful organization for people suffering the ultimate loss, heartbreak, tragedy and assault against their well being. Families are thrown into an unknown territory with the trials, plea bargains, habeas corpus hearings, etc. Survivors of Homicide is there to be of assistance and guide members through the webs of injustice and help alleviate the unknown. SOH is the only place where we are all the same. Everyone goes through the grief process differently. However, we are all connected through a common bond of pain and loss. We may be the club no one wants to belong to; yet it is the only place where we can be together and understand each other, even when words cannot be spoken."


"Anytime our family has needed support SOH has been there for us. While the support groups were not the right outlet for our family to channel our grief, anger and healing, SOH has always been an advocate and listening ear in times of confusion, frustration and support and always a phone call or email away. Our family also had a wonderful time at the pumpkin picking event this past fall. It was very therapeutic to be around people who understand our unique form of grief and loss in a comfortable and safe setting filled with laughter and good company.”

“We were all brought together by tragedy but have all grown very close. Talking on the phone, e-mails, and other social internet connections are nice but nothing beats the face to face gatherings.  It is nice to see the smiling faces and “laughter” that is brought out at these events. We who have been there can truly understand what they are going through and it is beneficial for us to exchange contact information.”