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Community Renewal Team, Inc.


CRT's mission is "Preparing Our Community to Meet Life's Challenges." Providing opportunities to individuals and families to achieve economic security.

Real Life

Robin Hussain is a CRT success story. She was recently nominated by CRT staff to testify in Washington before a Congressional subcommittee focused on energy assistance and low-income families. CRT staff know her as a resident of the Generations Program located in Northeast Hartford. The program provides housing and case managment services to grandparents with legal custody of their grandchildren. Her story is compelling. After serving as a manager in the retail field, she stepped in to give her grandchildren stable lives and found herself juggling work and babysitter schedules for two children under the age of two. Before moving into CRT's development, she had been living in an affordable, but drafty apartment where her natural gas bills were more than 1/3 of her family income. Robin lowered the thermostat, put layers of clothing on the toddlers and found that the heat bill meant she had to skimp on everything else. Her family was an illustration of the "heat or eat" squeeze described in a recent study released by the Department of Agriculture's Child Nutrition Program. Fortunately, she enrolled her grandchildren in CRT's Head Start Program, and was referred by a case manager to LIHEAP, the energy assistance program. She qualified for an annual benefit and a matching program that rewards customers who make monthly payments. Robin could not believe her good fortune and continues to thank CRT for providing her with services that meet her needs while allowing her family to maintain their dignity and independence.