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Adventist Development And Relief Agency International


Responding to urgent needs worldwide. We serve the most vulnerable people with justice, compassion and love; providing disaster relief, food security, clean water, health care & educational / economic opportunities especially in times of crisis.

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Success Story

The lines on his wrinkled face told of years of hard work and a generation of toil. Jorge Sosa has grown barley his entire life in the Peruvian altiplano. For generations the Sosa family has grown its barley with the same methods.

But today that has changed. ADRA introduced Jorge, and his village to a new variety of barley of higher quality. One-half of ADRA's test plot is grown in the traditional methods that Jorge's family has used since they came to these mountains. Seeds were randomly scattered about by hand. The other half is grown with ADRA's new variety of barley neatly planted in rows. The difference is plain to see. ADRA's barley stood much taller, with a thick, full stalk, and shone a resilient hue of green.

As Jorge inspected ADRA's test plot with the new barley, his eyes lit up and he said, "In all my years of growing barley, I've never seen any like this!" With improved income from increased production and the sale of high-quality barley, an education for his grandchildren is assured. This barley will certainly go far. It will feed generations to come and ensure that the families of Quinua have all they need.