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PTSD Foundation of America


Many military veterans suffer from unseen wounds of war. Help us give back to those who have given of themselves so selflessly by offering healing and hope to these war heroes suffering from PTSD. We provide a life-saving impact on the Veteran community.

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Meet Collin, Collin is a Marine Combat Veteran who deployed to Afghanistan in 2010-2011. In October of 2014, Collin reached out to Camp Hope. "I called Camp Hope and the person on the other end said there were no beds. I remember feeling hopeless again, then the voice at the other end said, 'But don't worry about that, you could crash on the couch until we buy you a bed' I cried because I knew I was getting exactly what I needed...Hope. Camp Hope saved my life the 14th of October". Today Collin continues to work the program and is currently assisting in the mentoring of the new residents. Collin's parents, Kay and Rusty have been a huge support of his recovery process. "I want to thank the team for the wonderful care, you have given our baby boy. Collin was a lost soul heading into the Marines and during his time in Afghanistan things got worse. For the first time in his adult life, his mom and I have high hopes for his future and feel like maybe he has found his calling. We are so proud of him and I hope one day soon he understands how important he is to our family. We are so excited that he is stepping up and helping others. My heart says that's the door that he needs to open in order to grasp the level of what he has to offer this world. Thanks again for watching over our boy." These words came from the heart of a parent and this is the reason why Camp Hope is here today, to provide the support these veterans need to overcome the invisible wounds of war, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).