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American Discovery Trail Society


Help build America's first coast to coast nonmotorized trail that crosses the USA from Atlantic to Pacific and allows hikers and bikers to discover America: her oceans, forests, mountains, historical monuments and homes, small towns, rivers, and more.

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Success Story

A Trail Honeymoon

Where do two people who have a taste for adventure and a love of the outdoors go for their honeymoon? Sheri and Randy Propster hiked across the country on the American Discovery Trail.

They spent 253 days together on the nation's first and only Atlantic-to-Pacific trail, where their relationship continued to blossom and grow stronger, as the beauty and kindness they experienced suffused their worldview and their relationship. They saw the best scenery our beautiful country offers, from mountains, forests, deserts, and quaint small towns, to fascinating historic sites, and even cities.

But like all travelers on this trail, a highlight was the people they met and the kindnesses they received along the way.

"The rewards that come with enduring the countless challenges of walking from one ocean to the other will continue to change the way we view the world for the rest of our lives!" the couple wrote.

Sheri and Randy made it as a team, but their journey was about more than themselves. They worked with a Virginia high school teacher to set up an educational website to share the fascinating things they learned about their country. They continue to teach others the skills needed to enjoy the outdoors.

Few people will take most of a year to go the distance, but many can share the dream and experience their country in a new way, whether for a day, a week, or a month. The American Discovery Trail Society makes these enriching experiences possible.