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Humane Society International


Fighting for all animals, HSI works to end animal abuse on a global scale. From stopping the dog & horse meat trade or cosmetic lab testing on animals. Halting wildlife threats & illegal trading of elephant tusks, rhino horns and other animal parts.

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Success Story

On a cold day in March, 89 dogs began their new lives as companion animals and not food for human consumption. For Humane Society International, it was the closure of the11th dog meat farm in South Korea, which happened during the Winter Olympic Games. We have since closed 13 dog meat farms. Each room at the shelter was filled with beautiful, kind, and loving dogs and puppies. There was Christopher, the gentle Pyrenees mix, always eager to give and get kisses from our staff. Also, Kaya fiercely devoted to her beautiful little puppies. Kaya immediately started wagging her tail and doing little, excited jumps to greet our rescuers. To date, we have rescued more than 1,300 dogs from Korea's dog meat farms and flown them to the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, where they were given the love and attention they so desperately need. An estimated 2.5 million dogs of all types are bred and killed each year for human consumption there. In the farms where they are kept, they lead lives that are almost unimaginable for those of us who love and live with dogs. These animals never leave their cages or feel a kind human touch in their entire lives. When death comes, it is just as harsh, usually by electrocution or hanging when they are just a year old. Since 2015 HSI has been working to end the dog meat trade in Korea bringing the practice into the light, offering alternatives for dog meat farmers and helping build a better world for animals. One farmer grows blueberries, not dogs. With your help we can continue our fight for all animals who still continue to suffer on dog meat farms. You make a difference for dogs like the 89 rescued and no longer seen as food.