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Hearts United for Animals


Hearts United for Animals - HUA - is a national no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary. We specialize in puppy mill rescues, offer low cost spay/neuter services, and provide temporary housing for animals of families fleeing domestic violence.

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Success Story

When Kia's breeder passed away the family was unable to take over the care of the dogs left behind. That was no wonder -- there were 27 of them.

Just after her arrival, tiny cream colored Chihuahua Kia was immediately rushed to the emergency vet when caregivers realized that she was suffering from severe Pyometra. This life threatening infection of the uterus must be treated immediately to avoid a certain and painful death.

Despite being so horribly mistreated and desperately ill, Kia was still not terribly afraid of people -- shy, yes, but petrified, no. She knew instinctively that help was hers for the taking, and that we would do everything in our power to save her life. Sadly, Kia was not the only breeder dog that needed extensive medical care.

Diagnoses made by the vet for other dogs included severe tartar build-up and dental disease, ear infections, lick stains on all paws, mammary tumors, flea dirt and skin/fur of poor quality, luxating patellas, cherry eye, fecal sores on tails, an arched back, and parasites.

Large rescues of this sort are always so heart breaking. The medical bills are astronomical. Socialization is difficult and lengthy. The deep grief and anger can be overwhelming. What helps us cope is knowing that precious lives that suffered unloved for so long will be made whole. Because of your contributions, these precious souls were able to joyfully touch grass for the first time in their lives.

Thank you for your support for HUA's critical missions of mercy. We simply could not continue this important work of making sure no dog is left behind without you.