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An innovative nationwide technology solution empowering America's gardeners to share surplus harvests with local food pantries. enables growers to solve food insecurity and improve access to nutrient-rich produce in their own communities

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In the one minute it will take to read this, America will lose 190K lbs. of food.

Over the next 24 hours, the loss will fill the Rose Bowl.

Half will be fresh produce.


One in six families rely on a food pantry. Food pantries cannot get fresh produce. This is contributing to the skyrocketing growth of Type II diabetes, childhood obesity and cardiovascular disease which impact the nation to the tune of $1.03 trillion per year. Getting excess locally grown fresh food into the local food safety net is the low hanging fruit to start attacking these costly chronic problems., founded by a CNN Hero, found a way to make it happen. It is bridging America's 42 million home/community gardeners to thousands of nearby food pantries, enabling growers to donate their excess produce for the first time.

Because of its innovative design, distributed logistics and leveraging legacy infrastructure, no other program comes close to offering the same efficiency or multiplier effect. has game changing consequences for the future of the country at a far lower cost than any other program because instead of just feeding people, it's actually solving a problem by enabling an excess supply to meet demand. Permanently and sustainably.

It is opening up the flood gate of freely available locally grown fresh food.

While you were reading this, America lost $306K worth of food.

Now check out the videos at to see why is worthy of your support.