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American Whitewater


Save rivers! Support American Whitewater and national river stewardship, recognized as leaders in river management and restoring rivers impacted by dams.

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"American Whitewater - A Wise Investment"

American Whitewater occupies a unique role in the national river conservation movement; we connect those who enjoy recreational opportunities with river conservation goals. We have a small professional staff and an army of members and volunteers. Whether sending a quick email to a senator, or sitting through years of meetings, members and volunteers make our ambitious work plan possible. We are constantly seeking new ways to keep paddlers informed about threats and opportunities, and are quick to offer strategic and technical leadership and support. We hope you will consider contributing to American Whitewater to support these efforts. Our success comes through our ability to work effectively as a member of both local and national coalitions. Our local members, volunteers and partners are critical to all the work we do and so are you - we need your support! Your contribution will go directly to supporting our stewardship program and we can use these dollars to leverage grant opportunities where matching funding is required. Contributing to American Whitewater is a wise investment, 80% of every dollar we receive is invested in protecting our whitewater rivers!