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Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael), Inc.


Helping build a bright, beautiful future for Israel. As a global environmental leader, we are planting trees, building reservoirs, creating parks and playgrounds for children, bringing life to the Negev Desert, and educating students around the world.

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Success Story

A lover of nature and the land of Israel, Goldie Keehn of Shelburne Falls, MA enjoyed spending time outdoors and frequently purchased and planted trees in Israel through Jewish National Fund. Goldie was only nine-months-old when her mother died, and she was raised by her beloved Aunt Frances (Fanny) K. Coblentz, who immigrated to New York City from what is now Gdansk, Poland in 1921. Fanny became a well-respected teacher, a profession that Goldie also pursued as an adult. Following her passing in 2014, Goldie's family carried out her wishes by bequeathing a forest in Israel in memory of her cherished Aunt Fanny. In May 2017, a forest was dedicated in memory of Frances K. Coblentz near Be'er Sheva. The ceremony took place at JNF's Donor Recognition Center in American Independence Park in Jerusalem and was attended by Goldie's family. "Goldie was keenly aware of how much Fanny loved Israel and tree planting, and wanted to ensure that her legacy lived on through a means she was most passionate about," said Philip Keehn, Goldie's brother and the executor of her estate. "Goldie was a free spirit who loved nature and greenery," said Dr. Aryeh Keehn, Goldie's nephew. The dedication ceremony was opened by Dr. Keehn's wife, Arlene, who said, "Goldie donated a forest of trees in honor of her Aunt Fanny; trees that help make the area around Be'er Sheva green. We are very grateful to her for her gift and to JNF for carrying out this meaningful project." To the Keehn family, there's no greater way of honoring Goldie's legacy than planting trees that will green Israel for generations to come. Visit to learn more, or call 800.562.7526.