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Serving thousand of troubled kids through programs in music, performance writing, visual arts, digital media, culinary, fashion and cultural outings. Arts mentoring transforms lives!

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Tasha joined Create Now in February, 1998 when she participated in a "TV Writing Workshop" at a detention center. She had been in and out of detention facilities since she was 12, but after learning how to write a TV script, Tasha discovered that she loved the film and TV industry.

She got help from her mentor, and we provided her with additional mentors, a computer and many other resources. Tasha received a scholarship from Warner Brothers and she graduated from USC Film School. She then attended a year of Law School at Northern Illinois University in Chicago.

"I'm writing to thank Create Now for your support in getting accepted to the University of Southern California's Film School. It was through your program that I was introduced to the world of film and television, and in it I found my voice and dream.

Tasha created a comedy routine based on her childhood abuse. She traveled around the U.S. performing at comedy clubs. In 2014, she wrote, produced and directed a feature documentary on standup comedy that is available on DVD. She published four books including "AWOL," which teaches incarcerated youth how to get out of the juvenile justice system (available on Amazon). She has also written several screenplays and has her real estate license!

Tasha said, "I am extremely grateful to Create Now for helping me find a positive outlet at one of the darkest times in my life. I consider every success I've had since I was introduced to your program a direct consequence of all the wonderful things Create NOW has offered me. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for caring and for the existence of your organization, which helped shape my future."