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Cancer Support Community


The Cancer Support Community's mission is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

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A cancer diagnosis can be devastating for anyone touched by it - both the patient and their loved ones. For the past thirty years the Cancer Support Community has helped millions of people in their battle against the disease by providing critical social and emotional support programs delivered by professional and clinical staff through our 53 affiliates, 100 licensed care providers, hospital partners and extensive online services. These programs empower patients through increased knowledge of the disease; strengthen them by actions they can take to manage their lives; and sustain them by a caring and professional community.

Testimonials: "The counselor at the CSC's Helpline, helped me clarify my thoughts and priorities regarding my cancer care. During our conversation we made a list of questions to ask my doctors. She did such a great job organizing the information for me. I am looking forward to using this in my two doctors' appointments and to guide my decision making."

-Helpline and Open to Options participant "The Cancer Support Community has been there for me and others dealing with cancer. I always know that entering the CSC building will provide me with compassion and the emotional support I may need that day. For the CSC staff that walked beside me while I negotiated the challenges of my cancer journey, I have the deepest gratitude and appreciation."

-CSC member, CSC, Montana