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Los Angeles SPCA


Stop cruelty to dogs, cats and all animals. Your donation supports animal cruelty investigations, violence-prevention & humane education programs, disaster relief, pet adoptions, vet care & more. Make a life-changing difference in the lives of animals.

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Success Story

Since 1877, spcaLA has prevented cruelty to animals through Education, Law Enforcement, Intervention, and Advocacy. Millions of animals - and people - in our community have had a brighter, more humane future, thanks to the support of donors like you. Here is just one of their stories. Warning: this story contains descriptions of animal abuse & neglect.

Joni's Story

When spcaLA Humane Officers first encountered Joni, she was half-dead. Not only was she suffering from malnourishment, she also had a gaping, infected wound on her head so deep her skull was visible. For months, Joni had been denied veterinary care, adequate food, and water. Had spcaLA not removed her from her abuser, Joni would have suffered a slow, painful death. 

spcaLA veterinary staff went to work immediately - treating Joni's wounds and providing her the basic care she'd been so long denied. When she was stable enough, Joni moved to a temporary home with one of spcaLA's Foster Volunteers. There, she put on weight and set to work recovering physically and mentally.

When she was ready, Joni returned to the shelter where spcaLA staff and volunteers worked with her daily, providing behavior enrichment and training, nourishing food, and veterinary care. Joni thrived in our care - and spent the summer working with kids in spcaLA's Friends for Life Summer Camp.  

Terror, scabs and infections gave way to a sweet, beautiful cream-colored
dog with captivating eyes and a loving disposition. After 8 1/2 months in our care, Joni was adopted into a happy home.  Her abusers were convicted of animal cruelty.