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Blind Children's Center


Founded in 1938, our mission is to foster the development and education of children who are visually impaired in an inclusive, family-focused setting.

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Success Story

AT THE BLIND CHILDRENS CENTER Timothy was born on September 18, 2002 in La Puente, California with the condition called anophthalmia which means he was born without eyes. In less than a month's time, he had his first appointment with an ophthalmologist thanks to the swift and conscientious effort of a social worker at the hospital and Blind Childrens Center Family Worker Myrna Pineda Beit-Ayvaz. Upon learning of Timothy's diagnosis, Myrna immediately contacted the family to begin intervention. "Mom was so nervous, scared," Myrna said of the appointment with the ophthalmologist, "she thanked me over and over again for coming and helping her ask questions that were too difficult for her." Having worked until the very day she gave birth, Timothy's mother assumed she would be able to return to her job within a few months, the same as with her other children - Timothy is the youngest of four. After his birth, all that changed, and she knew she would not be able to go back to work for a long time. She had a new job now, she needed to be home with her son. Timothy's family found a home at the Blind Childrens Center. A beautiful little boy with an adorable smile, Timothy was enrolled in the Blind Childrens Center's Infant Program in November. He attends the Center once a week and continues to receive in-home services. Timothy's father is involved in Timothy's development too. He attended a training session at the Center along with Timothy's brother. Together they began to learn how to care for Timothy. One of their first lessons was on how to help him to do the stretching exercises he needs. "We are so happy that a place like the Blind Childrens Center exists," said Timothy's father. "We had no idea what to do for Timothy, how to help him be the best he can be. We didn't understand anything about blindness. Now we have the support and education we need to be good parents to Timothy, and our other children are learning how to help their brother, too." "The Center is a beautiful place," says Timothy's dad. "There are so many toys, it's so colorful and bright, and everyone here is so nice. It's a little happy land."