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Christian Aid International


Hungry, sick, powerless - Asia's poor need medical, educational and spiritual intervention. Many of the children of Asia are trafficked at an early age, leading to a lifetime of slavery. Please help us bring hope and help to those who need it most.

Real Life

"When I first visited Southeast Asia in June 2014, I was invited to share my story with girls confined to the youth detention center here. Many of them had been trafficked or abused. I had never shared my personal history publicly, and struggled with the idea of "coming clean". The night before the event one of the leaders came and asked me for a transcript of my testimony explaining that she needed to see the hard words (difficult to translate). I thought "HARD WORDS"? Hard words like growing up in alcoholism? Hard words like childhood sexual abuse, promiscuity, unwanted pregnancy, a rape in collage, a difficult marriage, betrayal, divorce, Depression, Suicidal thoughts? I don't know if I can say them out loud." My friend urged me,"You have to tell the truth H. Because" she insisted, "these girls believe that everyone from America is rich and therefore has a happy life. Further, they have no concept of forgiveness, of grace, of redemption........You are living proof of a Living Hope." So I said those words out loud for the first time in 2014 in Southeast Asia. Today I can say those words out loud because they no longer define me. I am not defined by what has been done by me, nor by what has been done to me. I am defined by what has been done for me on the cross. H currently serves in the mission field in Southeast Asia working with child victims of pornography and trafficking. She is one of the missionaries that ECR supports in Southeast Asia.