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Yosemite Conservancy


Help us preserve Yosemite National Park and all its wonders for current and future generations. Your gift supports trail & habitat restoration, wildlife protection, scientific research, education programs and cultural & historic preservation in Yosemite.

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Yosemite National Park and the awe inspiring scenery in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is a World Heritage site that welcomes more than 3.5 million visitors each year. Because roads touch only 6% of the Park, a network of 800 miles of trails is the only way to connect to most of the Park. Yosemite's trails provide families, tourists, equestrians, cyclists, backpackers and mountaineers access to Yosemite's unparalleled natural wonders.

While trail crews have worked hard to maintain Yosemite's trail system, a dedicated effort is underway, spearheaded by The Yosemite Fund and in partnership with the National Park Service, to combat the effects of heavy use and natural disasters. Your help is needed to help Yosemite's trails thrive well into the future. The trails selected for The Yosemite Fund's Campaign for Yosemite Trails are among Yosemite's most critically compromised, heavily trafficked and high profile trails. In addition to re-establishing and repairing trails, the Campaign is also restoring adjacent habitats, providing greater education opportunities for visitors, and promoting the use of Yosemite's trails.

The goals of the Campaign for Yosemite Trails are to restore and re-establish trails on the brink of being completely lost; dramatically improve public access and safety; stop damage to and restore adjacent sensitive habitat; ease congestion; and increase public education, awareness and compliance with appropriate trail use.

Please join the Campaign for Yosemite Trails and be a part of Yosemite's future. Your help is needed.