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Sakura Kai


Sakura Kai is a senior center enhancing Japanese speaking seniors lives through education. We offer a caring place for them with social, educational, recreational and health activities.

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Success Story

One of the triumphs for many seniors at Sakura Kai is to learn taiko (Japanese drumming). Our dedicated instructors not only teach taiko but also help them with their stage presence. It has opened up the opportunity for these seniors to become proficient with taiko and feel comfortable on stage at community events.

What a thrill it has been to discover that as seniors, they can learn taiko, sing shigin or karaoke, practice Japanese calligraphy, and play Mah Jong and Hanafuda games . . . or to try ceramics and new ideas for crafts, origami, or to learn computers with Japanese software. For exercise Taiso (Japanese exercise routines) and line dance are offered

The parents of some of our instructors, volunteers, or nursery people (who always brought flowers for the seniors to enjoy) came to Sakura Kai as they became elderly. Japanese was spoken so they could socialize and be informed of issues affecting them. Now we see a generation of younger seniors coming to help at Sakura Kai plan field trips, teach computer classes, put together the nutritious lunches, set up tables and chairs, etc. In turn they are able to retain their Japanese heritage and culture and reap the rewards of volunteering.

In existence since 1973, Sakura Kai's enrollment has doubled in the last 14 years. Your help in funding our expanding curriculum and enrollment will enable us to continue our successful program for the benefit of our Japanese-speaking seniors.