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The purpose of Victim Support Services is to rebuild lives through empathy, advocacy and resiliency.

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Crime victimization leaves victims, families, and friends—even the community around them—in a state of crisis and chaos. In the aftermath of a crime, most victims must deal not only with the physical and emotional shockwaves of the event but are also thrust into the criminal justice system. Combined with the sense of helplessness, powerlessness, and a loss of control, often their crisis response is put on hold while they mobilize their survival skills to traverse the unfamiliar territory of the criminal justice system. The path through notification to arrest, trial and sentencing is long and arduous. Once complete, the emotional devastation returns. Thousands of victims in Washington do not have services in their own communities to help them reconstruct their lives after a homicide, or assist in the healing process when a loved one is missing.

Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims is one of the oldest victim assistance programs in the US. We deliver support to victims of crime, including the loved ones of homicide victims, adult missing persons and their loved ones, victims of assault, robbery, identity theft, drunk and drugged driving, kidnapping and others. We provide highly trained and empathetic volunteers to people whose lives have been devastated by violent crime, regardless of case status, at no cost to the victims served. 24-hour crisis line 1-800-346-7555
One-on-one crisis intervention
Peer support group meetings
Criminal justice system advocacy and intervention
Courtroom support
Media intervention
Resources, referrals & education services