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For The Children Inc


For The Children has one program and one goal. Provide children from challenging home environments basic school supplies to help make their schools careers successful.

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Success Story

School Principal:

Many of our students' families find it financially burdensome to provide school supplies for their children at the beginning of the school year. Luckily for our students, For the Children has consistently provided them with free school supplies at the beginning of the year making their start of a new school year a happy occasion.

I cannot express the look of joy on our students' faces when they come to school on the first day of school, are greeted by their new teachers in their new classrooms, and are provided with a set of new school supplies. Our school has depended on For the Children to make the new school year a successful one in that all of our students are given the opportunity to begin with all the materials they need to be ready to learn. Through the generosity of this program, our students get the school year started with a fresh outlook and great attitude about their school and learning. They are left with a sense that their school will provide for them all that they need to be successful learners. This feeling alone is worth so much more than the monetary cost of the supplies that are donated. For this reason, I hold very high regards for the For the Children school supply program .