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Cancer Aid and Research Fund


Dedicated to caring about curing cancer today. We award scientific research grants, provide medical supplies and equipment to hospitals & clinics that treat cancer and other degenerative diseases while supporting patient/family cancer support groups.

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Success Story

Ten years ago Gina was diagnosed with breast cancer and like most people with breast cancer was headed for the dreadful knife, radiation, chemo and sores. She was scared and thought she had no options.

Gina found the Gerson Therapy and went to hear Charlotte Gerson talk. She had already undergone surgery and was getting ready to do radiation and chemo-when she began to have dreams of three people in black hoods. Gina knew if she continued in this manner it would kill her. She realized that doing these therapies was not for her.

It was because of Charlotte's message that her life is now so wonderful. Gina's life with cancer was no life at all. Gina started the Gerson Therapy; eating organic foods, drinking and bathing in filtered water, juicing, exercising, using supplements, massage-the list goes on and on. It is because of these changes that gave Gina a life.

Gina now has a seven-year-old son. Had she done chemo she would not have been able to give birth to him.

In March Gina made a month long trip to Europe, celebrating her 10th anniversary (10 year cancer-free).

Cancer Aid and Research Fund has been giving grants to the Gerson Institute for over 15 years to continue ongoing research, educate the public and aid patients.