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We create refuges to provide safe habitats and refueling stops for wild birds and wildlife. Help us defend fragile ecosystems, migration routes and flyways. Our environmental and conservation projects create wetlands and protect unique natural resources.

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Success Story

We received a call about a badly injured Purple Martin. We told the caller to bring it to our wild bird center.

She arrived with her bird and an examination revealed a broken wing. To a bird, this is the worst thing that can happen. Except for the broken wing (and the broken heart), all other parts were fine.

The wing was bandaged with a figure-eight wrap. He was given his first food, which improved his demeanor. After a week, a calcareous bump formed at the break, indicating healing was occurring.

On day eight, the break had healed enough to leave the wrap off. The next day the bird flew to the window and sat there all day, flexing and flapping his wing. On day fourteen, he was ready to go! Through our research, we learned that Purple Martins return to their homes even when released miles away. He took to the air, made a circle or two, and flew westerly, in the direction of his home.

Later that afternoon, a joyful lady called to say that her bird was back. And, that is how we healed two broken hearts with one figure-eight bandage!