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BOOKS for the BARRIOS, Inc.


Fighting extreme poverty and promoting peace through education in the Philippines. Our educational programs help underprivileged youth rise from poverty and strive to be free and strong. Give the gift of education to millions of children.

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Success Story

A public schoolteacher in a remote rainforest of the Philippines evaluates our book donation project:

"Our existing school libraries have only a few shabby old books, mostly donated and mostly informational! With your beautiful books now available we can entice our children to love books and therefore develop their reading habit at an early age. The pupils flock to the library during off-hours just to see the books out of curiosity, and many are actually spending time to read them. What a magical experience! By putting up this library, you have not only made education in our school effective, but also attractive and enjoyable.

I know what I am talking about because I grew up in a barrio. I can still remember how happy I was when I received my first picture book, a textbook actually, and how I loved the stories it contained, and how I would look and look at the pictures and savor their colors and import. Bringing joy to children in the classroom, what better service can one give? The angels watching these children must have been smiling all day seeing their wards excitedly feasting with their minds and hearts on these beautiful materials."