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In Defense of Animals


Experimented on in cosmetic & medical testing labs. Skinned for fur. Tortured in circuses & zoos. Abused. Afraid. Alone. Every day, dogs, cats, rabbits, farmed animals, primates and countless other animals & wildlife live in pain. Help us rescue them!

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Success Story

Rising From The Ashes

Scalded, burned and left to die in a ditch on the side of a country road, the puppy with no name really had no hope. Except for Project Hope...

She was found whimpering and clinging to life, and rushed to our 64-acre sanctuary for abandoned and abused animals in Granada, Mississippi. Immediately our veterinarians went to work. They did all they could...

The prognosis was grim. Only hope - and love - remained for the puppy with no name. "If the wounds begin to heal in two weeks," our staff was told, "she may survive. If they don't, she will die."

Slowly the puppy improved. Gradually she regained strength. Then one day the sparkle returned to her eyes.

It was a wonderful sunny morning and an occasion for tears when the veterinary team pronounced the puppy with no name "healthy and ready to go to a good home!"

It was also the day we named her Phoenix, after the mythical bird who built itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it ignited, along with itself, and then rose from the ashes to live again.

Achieving justice for animals is our mission. And Project Hope is just one of the many campaigns and programs that your donations to IDA support.