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Engineering World Health


When incubators break, babies die. When microscopes fail, diseases cannot be diagnosed. In Asia, Africa, Latin America we repair hospital equipment and teach local biomedical technicians to sustain the change.

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EWH runs hands-on programs in Africa, Latin America, & Southeast Asia, engaging the skills of engineering students to install, evaluate, and repair vital medical equipment. EWH trains and builds in-country, self-sustaining communities of biomedical engineering technicians in carefully selected countries in the developing world. EWH also develops novel health care technologies appropriate to resource-poor settings.

Finally, we provide students with the life-changing experience of improving lives in some of the world's most vulnerable communities. Here is an excerpt from one of our Summer Institute student's blogs in Nicaragua:

"We spent Monday at Mauricio (maternity hospital). The workshop is so hot... I drank 1.5 liters of water by noon and was covered in sweat. But the work continues regardless of the heat. Today we ripped a motor out of a completely shot oxygen concentrator to use in an aspirator that [the hospital] really wanted to work. And I do believe we have fixed it. There are a couple more things we need to freshen up, but it felt really good to finally accomplish something at this hospital... Never give up kids, you might succeed eventually."

Through our various programs, we work as an international network to improve healthcare delivery in the developing world and train the next generation of engineers dedicated to global health.