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American Friends of Kenya


Provides volunteer opportunities for Connecticut residents to work on projects in Kenya. Sends regular shipments of books, school and medical supplies to Kenya.

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Success Story

Lots of charities working in Africa provide aid but relatively few help desperately poor people become self sufficient and gain a foothold on a better tomorrow. This is what American Friends of Kenya does extremely well.

We partnered with another organization in setting up a small business for women living with AIDS in Kibera, one of the worst slums in Kenya and all of sub-Saharan Africa. Many of the women were destitute, malnourished, and near death. In a year's time, all of them were not only alive but in good health and able to care for their families. The business has become nearly self sufficient, and so have they!

For the same reason, we help build libraries, purchase goats for rural villages, assist schools and hospitals, send medical, educational, and library teams, and support an orphan sponsorship program which ensures that every child receives the training to earn a livelihood.

We not only alleviate poverty and misery now. We pave the way for a better future.