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Alley Cat Rescue Inc


ACR's programs educate the public about the care & treatment of cats & kittens, assist with spay & neuter, coordinate pet adoption, teach humane methods of feline population control, and help stop the spread of zoonotic diseases to humans.

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Success Story

Disasters, whether accidental or natural, happen quickly and can be devastatingly unpredictable. Alley Cat Rescue (ACR) eases hearts and minds by rescuing kitties from these disasters on a local and national level. As hurricane Harvey battered Texas, leaving families and their beloved animals stranded, a woman living nearby ACR lost her home and belongings in a fire. Her house was destroyed, and she was left homeless with nowhere to shelter or care for her six cats. Alley Cat Rescue stepped in and housed her kitties for free, feeding and giving the cats daily care while she searched for a safe place for herself and her beloved cats. The exorbitant fees she was unable to afford could have forced her into giving up her animals to the local shelter. At the same time we boarded these six cats, ACR sent a team out to Austin, Texas to work in the field rescuing cats and supporting the active rescue in place. The ACR team was able to provide basic medical care and sorted supplies pouring in from around the country. In the end, ACR directly rescued 20 cats, transporting them to our facilities for medical treatment and adoption. All these kitties got a happy ending thanks to ACR. To help us continue our hard work and dedication to help the most kitties we can, please donate to Alley Cat Rescue. Our kitties and our staff would greatly appreciate it.