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AIDS United


AIDS United envisions a time when all people, governments, and organizations commit to ending the epidemic and strengthening the health, well-being, and human rights of everyone impacted by HIV.

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Success Story

"So many people think you shouldn't worry about HIV because you can live with it these days.

"They are wrong.

"I've got HIV. And while I'm productive and am happy, it's a challenge.

"I'm tired and the side effects from the meds are uncomfortable."

So says a man in his 40s who has been infected for a decade. He wishes to remain anonymous due to the stigma, although he's shared his story with others to inspire them to stay safe.

"When you have HIV, you must pay the costs of doctors' visits and medicine - even if you have insurance, it can be expensive. For some, it's cost prohibitive - they need help.

Agencies the National AIDS Fund supports teach people how to prevent HIV and link those who are infected to treatment.

"I am grateful to the National AIDS Fund for being steps ahead - they outreach into communities instead of just waiting for people to come to them. And they know you can't just treat this disease - you have to prevent it. It's about the future of our kids."

He says he donates to the National AIDS Fund because they are building Community Partnerships nationwide that will eradicate HIV and help people in need.

For 20 years, the National AIDS Fund has marshaled and invested over $150 million in the country to combat HIV. NAF earned four stars for financial efficiency and effectiveness - the highest possible - by Charity Navigator.