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Literacy Volunteers And Advocates


Literacy changes lives. Imagine being unable to complete a job application, follow a bus schedule or understand a medicine label. Help adults read and write.

Real Life

My perspective has changed since I started at LVA. The way I see things now is different. I love to travel down that new road of life that I see since I have started to read. I know how to do my job more better. I am beginning to love myself a little more and care for others a little bit better. It's like the speech we talked about in our Bible class. I feel like I know what Dr. King meant when he said "Free at last. Free at last. Thank God I'm free at last." That is why I'm glad that Ms. Connie and my tutors who are there for people and helping people who are [illiterate]. Someday all of us can repeat Dr. King's message. We are free. We can read and write. William W. has been an LVA-NCA student since 2001 and wrote this piece for inclusion in our annual compilation and publication of student writings.