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Hearing Loss Association of America Inc


48 million Americans have hearing loss. We advocate for affordable hearing aids, accessible hearing healthcare, ADA compliance, and accessible assistive/emerging communication technologies.

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Success Story

People tell us every day how Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) changes lives. Here's the story of HLAA Member J. Taylor:

"I first became aware of my hearing loss in 1992. Over the course of the past twenty-seven years, my mild loss has progressed to a severe loss. Fortunately, there have been many changes in technology and in public accommodations during that time that have helped offset the effects of my loss. My awareness of these improvements has expanded rapidly in the last two years, as a direct result of my joining HLAA. While attending meetings, I have learned about devices that allow me to converse with my wife in noisy restaurants and to stream audio from airplane movies and TV shows directly to my hearing aids. My ability to enjoy movies and live theater is a direct result of HLAA's advocacy for the installation of hearing loops in many theaters and concert halls, as well as its advocacy for captioned performances of Broadway shows, and captioning devices at most NYC movie houses.

HLAA has also become an important part of my life as a source of support. At meetings, I have made friends who share the challenges of hearing loss."