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Population Institute


We envision a world where girls and women have full gender equality; all women have access to reproductive health services; every child is a wanted child; and where global population is brought into balance with a healthy global environment.

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Success Story

Educate America Campaign
U.S. based educational campaign to raise awareness about the population issue.

Future Leaders
One year, paid fellowship program for recent college graduates who care about overpopulation, reproductive rights, and environmental issues.

Global Media Awards
Annual awards honor international journalists who have contributed to creating awareness of population problems through their work.

Public Policy
The Institute works with the U.S. Congress, the Administration, international organizations and foreign governments to ensure universal access to lifesaving family planning services.

Village Fund
A small grants program in partnership with local NGOs in the world's poorest, remote, underserved villages to provide contraceptive and MCH services to those most in need.

The bi-monthly newsletter of the Institute deals exclusively with global population concerns. POPLINE is distributed globally to activists, newspapers, legislators and subscribers.

21st Century Papers
Quarterly in-depth analytical reports dealing with timely topics related to population and sustainable development issues.