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California Shakespeare Theater


With Shakespeare's depth of humanity as our touchstone, we build character and community through authentic, inclusive, and joyful theater experiences.

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ARTISTRY We celebrate those that practice creative risk, who straddle past and present, who move us, change us, bring joy into our lives.

AUTHENTICITY We commit to being present, to sharing space, to honesty of intention and generosity of spirit.

DISCOURSE We value spaces that invite a plurality of experiences and perspectives, acknowledging that the collision of different points of view, and respect for all points of view, are essential to meaningful discourse in our diverse society.

EQUITY We pursue a more equitable world where individuals from all walks of life are valued equally; and we reflect that in the theater we make, in our staff and board, in the artists we hire, in the discourse we nurture, in the stories we tell and in how we tell them.

INCLUSION We practice extraordinary hospitality and radical accessibility. We practice bridge-making in a space defined by compassion and respectful exchange. We affirm that we all have stories to share; and we seek to elevate those stories, to respect those stories, in all that we do.

SUSTAINABILITY We participate in sustainable practices that maximize the long-term impact of our programming.