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Animals Awakening Compassion in Youth


Help us develop a generation of caring youth who create positive change for animals, people & nature. Our programs target social justice, animal cruelty & environmental protection by providing humane educational services to teachers for students.

Real Life

14-YEAR-OLD JACQUES USES HIS VOICE TO CHANGE THE WORLD A truly humane world is one where all living beings are treated with compassion. That's why Jacques, a student in our Chicago program, went on a class field trip to the Capitol in Springfield to advocate for stricter animal protection laws. Jacques was one of the many students who spoke with state legislators about banning puppy mills, creating programs to stop dog fighting, and preventing farmers from cutting off the tails of cows on factory farms without anesthesia. Months after the trip, we were told that the legislators were still talking about the visit from Jacques and his classmates! Clearly, these conversations had an impact! The world needs more people like Jacques. What if every classroom was full of young people who refuse to turn a blind eye to injustices committed against people or animals and the environment? When they see something that needs to be changed, they would roll up their sleeves and do something about it. We believe this world is possible. Our program educates and inspires young people to be active and caring citizens just like Jacques. Our goal is to expand our program so that every young person has the knowledge and skills necessary to create a more humane world.